Bespoke Framing

Our framing services include three different categories of framing,
• Standard.
• Conservation.
• Museum.
Kuba Textiles

Standard cost includes consultation on framing methods and styles with special consideration of colour and mounting card glass and fittings.

Conservation includes all of the services at standard level with the addition of conservation standard materials for mounting and glass adhering to the Fine Art Trade Guild guide lines, this will help protect and conserve the framed material This is the most popular
standard and one we recommed.

Museum, all of the above with the use of the highest quality materials including various types of glass to give you a frame which will last and protect your valuable framed material at museum standard.

Conservation Framing

Why use conservation framing?

If it's worth preserving, preserve it - whether it's an original artwork, textile, a limited edition print, an original photograph or maybe your child’s hand or footprint.

Here at bonbonframing, we work to the highest standards for conservation and use techniques and materials that are designed to preserve and protect artwork for generations.

That means:

  1. Conservation mount board or Cotton Museum mount board that conforms to the the most rigorous specifications.
  2. Mouldings sealed with strips of thick pH neutral fabric, Conservation mount board or a conservation foil and paper tape.
  3. Conservation or Museum glass that offers the greatest anti-UV radiation and reflection control
  4. Book mount Japanese tissue mounts if appropriate

Our conservation and preservation framing preserves and protects artwork by ensuring that all the materials used in framing and mounting will not harm your artwork, and will, as much as possible, protect it from physical damage - whether UV light, pollution or the acids in inferior framing materials.

Because conservation framing materials are made to be permanent, they feature colours that will not fade, maintaining the appearance of your framed work for years to come. Preservation framing can protect the value of all your artwork, photographs and memorabilia, preserving and protecting it for the enjoyment of generations to come.

"invest and protect with quality framing from bonbonframing"